Thursday 24 February 2011

Weekly portrait

So this week its been half term, and defiantly a well needed one!
Monday : I met up with 2 of my best friends from my old school who I haven't seen for such a long time, so it was just amazing to see them again! planned to go shopping but ended up spending the whole day in wagamama's  where i had the amazing grilled chicken noodle, just the right size and so filling I would have taken a quick snap but my camera had decided not to work! and then sat in Starbucks for hours, tall skinny cappuccino and a ginger snap biscuit, just heaven really! 

on Tuesday+Wednesday I had tuns of revision to do, which has to be said was the biggest chore of my life!, whats even the point in exams?!?! I also went to my friend Kenya's for the day where we just watched movies!, so productive! 

Today, had a morning of yet again revision and then went to Mad hatters vintage tea shop in Diva, which is just the cutest little tea room ever here's a few snaps from meggymoos website I'll get some of my own next time I go, as its just such a lovely feel good place! Had a lovely jacket potato with tuna... mmm! and back home to chill. simples.

tomorrow, well I always love Fridays, firstly - last day of the week, and Its always a lovely day spent with my mum!, we're going to the cinema to see kings speech, late I know, but every time we've wanted to see it , the timings haven't been right! so hopefully it will be worth it!

So that's been my week, pretty simple but I've enjoyed it, On Monday I'm of to London with my mum to shop shop shop! so I'll make sure to get lots of lovely pictures of our day, and write all about it! 


Thursday 17 February 2011

MakeupLoveer: 1000th Follower Giveaway♥

MakeupLoveer: 1000th Follower Giveaway♥: "This is my late giveaway for hitting 1000 followers, sorry its overdue but better late than never. Thank you so much for sticking wit..."

i recommend this!! BRILLIANT giveaway!

Monday 14 February 2011

My little Topshop wishlist

 ^^^^ HUGE CRUSH for these items from Topshop,
especially the bag I think the price is brill for Topshop, and its a lush size, it fits my camera,purse,phone and bits of make up in, and the colour just makes it look more expensive in my eyes.

The blue and white shirt is to die for, I haven't actually seen it in the shop, only on the website I would normally order it but I'm going to London next Wednesday and the Topshop on oxford street will clearly have one so ill be able to get the right size, I can picture it looking so cute with black high waisted shorts and mustard high knee socks.

the blouse would look great with a nude lipstick and little shorts or skinny jeans, and gladiators, god it reminds me of summer, and i cant wait for that!!!

now the shorts Ive wanted these for so long, but every time I've been into Topshop to get a pair they haven't got my size!! i don't know why i love them, but i do there so cute and would go with just about anything! they are quite pricey though, but hey every ones allowed to splash out

The time is now...

So I really need to change, my life recently hasn't been brilliant, things have been turned upside down, and now i feel its change time, so with 2 weeks of school I feel I'll be able to achieve it, I'm going to attempt to do a picture blog, or a wish list one everyday, and a YouTube make up tutorial subscribe!!, probably wont happen, but hey I'll try! A different lifestyle is sounding perfect to me, and I really want to be able to achieve it.

Saturday 12 February 2011


I love peter pan collared dress' so much I recently bought one from topshop its called 'long sleeved vintage floral tunic' its not on their website anymore but its this *** and I've worn it with tights, and even though its still freezing outside, tucked into high waisted denim shorts!
But one I really love is this one Its just so cute, and a perfect length, goes with almost every sort of coloured cardigan, especially a cream chunky one, also for topshop I don't think its too expensive, pretty good in my eyes! So that's defiantly on the wish list!
So yeah, that's just one thing I'm hugely loving from topshop! 

charity shops!

I've never really gone in them before, as they never really appealed to me, but today me and my mum went to a small town to have some lunch and we saw a charity shop which looked quite good, so ended up leaving with such a nice mustard - over sized cardigan, a little black velvet make-up bag/ clutch and a mustard shirt, which i may cut or leave it depends how it looks on, but all together was something like £10. My new favourite place!!! Well not quite!, I'll post some pictures up of the ones I bought, and will defiantly start doing "outfits of the day"

But yeah, charity shops although many people think and I especially do, its a bit 'rank' to wear old clothes where you don't know who's worn them, but hey, we call it vintage!!!

Friday 11 February 2011



And we thought it was going to be quiet in there!

So this is my first 'real' post, and if I'm honest I don't really know what to write, but I'm going to start with my day, its been a real good one actually, I didn't go to school today because I had to appointments i had to go to so there was just no point... (not complaining) 
In the city with Mum : I've been watching quite allot of hauls lately and realised how much nice stuff Primark have got in, especially bags and cardigans! all the chunky thick ones and the little tan briefcase shaped bags!, which are just so cute, well I couldn't find any of them so I just got a belt, WE'RE HUNGRY!! so we thought going to pret  (one of the faves) would be quite quiet as its a school day, HA, we were so wrong possible the most stress full lunch in pret I've had! the Que was about 9 miles long (not literally) and just so many people, + we couldn't decide what to get, we shared a wrap and a baguette, lush!  then we went to sit down, decided nooo not here, and it happened again, and again, then we looked around and almost all the seats were gone so we ended up where we were in the first place!  what idiots! did make us laugh though!, we did a bit more shopping, well 'browsing' as we actually didn't buy anything! That's been the main parts of my day, and now I'm home.

love Megan xxx

Wednesday 9 February 2011

I'm NEW!!!!

Im 15, currently living in norwich studying photography,textiles,geography and business studies, for a long time now I have loved looking at make up tutorials and blogs, especially make-up and fashion ones, and have realised its something i would just love to get into to, and be able to show my loves and hates of everything and what goes on in my day to day life, so this is were im starting.