Sunday 24 April 2011

Thailand Bby!

so, i casually went to thailand for 2 weeks.. what?. yeah it was amazing, thats the reason i havn't blogged for a while now. i meant to when i was away, but to be honest i was having to much fun to do so.
anyway. I went with my family on the 4th april , had to leave at like 4am. which i LOVE doing, getting up early for planes is just the most exiting thing :''). 10 hour flight though, wasn't nessasery. we went to Bangkok first, stayed there for 4 days then went to koh samui for 1 week which i was pooing my self about seeing as they have just had awful floods out there (feel so sorry for people who were involved in them) but when we arrived there it was pure paradise. we then went on to koh phangan which was a-maaazing. blue clear sea, hot hot white sand everything you picture paradise as being. the sea was so warm and calm you could lie in it till late late late and not even get slightly cold.
bangkok - stayed in Bel Aire Princess hotel (love the name) and it was in the city, had a pool on the roof... standard?!. and about 9 million massage shops opposite, which none of us were complaining about. on the first night we went to this wicked restaurant called 'cabbages and condoms' and everything (literally) was made out of condoms. and instead of mints when you got the bill, yep it was condoms! possibly the most hilarious place ive ever been to!. we did the temples on one of the days which was lovely but SO SO hot. and another day we did Koh San Road which was fab!!!!. cheap things, great life. loved it!.
Koh samui everyday we pretty much sunbathed and laid by the pool/beach. and we were in Chaweng staying at Centara Grand Beach Resort, where we got treated like royalty. not even kidding! and there was loads of cute little stallas/shops all down the road (high street) so we were in the perfect place for good nightlife and shopping. We rode elephants on one of the days we were there. which was the most amazing experience and we were there during Sonkran which is there new year, and they celebrate it with water. so for 2 evenings it was a MASSIVE water fight and so so funny. got so wet and some how ended up in a lesbian bar?!?! hahaha.
and koh phangan we stayed in the haad san resort, which was nice but centara was nicer! the destination here was nicer though, so put centara on this location and OOOMMMMGGG i would have been in absolute Heaven. We went to the other part of the island on one day and found this ruined run down little island of one of the beaches, we adopted it as ours. ;)
thanks so much mum and dad for an amazing holiday.

heres some photos ...

                                                            me, my mum and brother in the taxi...
                                                              at the temples
                                                   me, brother, brothers girlfriend and dad.

                                                                         tuk tuk :D.

                                        the most amazing bar, campervan cocktail bar.. mmmm

                                                            thought i'd add a little photography.

                                                                      me and my brother :)

                                                      like i said... paradise - Koh Samui

                                                                  amazing vue

                                                                     me and my dad. i love this.

                                                on our island ;) ... we bought this sign home!
                                                                      BAR OPEN :D