Sunday 31 July 2011

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes... with my twist!

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes Recipe (from the humming bird bakery) : 
180g pitted chopped dates
180 ml hot water
80g softened butter
150g soft brown sugar
2 eggs
180g plain flour (sifted)
.5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp vanilla essence

I'm normally really messy when I'm baking, it actually looks quite tidy :() but these are the finished masterpieces, pretty proud of them if I do say so myself! haha


Eek, every morning I was checking the post to see if it had arrived, it's not a mac one or a high end brand its from a brand called 'Fralulein" I got it from Ebay and with 96 beautiful high pigmented colours for only £9.80 its brilliant! the colours are gorgeous and have beautiful finishes
the last picture is just a few swatches from the palette of the bright colours! Its so fun to play with!

Outfit of the day!

I'm going to a car-boot sale today, hoping to find quirky bits of jewelery and vintage clothes, and my mum who's hoping to get... vintage crockery! as she runs the business a vintage celebration (check it out, its great) and as its hot and sunny, I opted for shorts...
 top - topshop 
shorts - urban outfitters (Levi 501's)
 (Sorry for the bad lighting)
have a lovely day :)

Saturday 30 July 2011

something exiting...

I've had a lovely, very inspirational evening tonight! saw!/TanyaBurr at a family friends birthday! who does youtube videos and is a professional make up artist and j1mmyb0bba who has a male grooming youtube channel! They were talking to me about there profession! it is so amazing, they are both so inspirational! it was a lovely evening and has made me be so determined to do youtube make up videos, I know it will take a while to get noticed and popular (it may not) but it will get me closer to where I want to be when I leave school!

It was lovely of Tanya to mention me on her twitter, telling her followers to follow me, it was amazing in only 10 minutes my followers on my twitter had shot up!

A very good evening and please follow my blog as it will get alot busier over the summer, as will my youtube which I will put a link to when the first one is up!

thankyou for reading :) xx

Friday 29 July 2011

my day.. FRIDAY

First day in about a week that I've been out for more than an hour.

I had 2 appointments this morning, first one at 10:00 , ridiculous time reallly, and the next at 11:30, I have these every 2 weeks there just basically check up's! My mum always comes with me and we usually  go shopping afterwards and have lunch out! Well today was such a lovely day! We did say we didn't want to be in the city for to long, well we were wrong! ha we got back about 6!

we bought some lovely things, especially from H&M. I got, a checked shirt, dark jeans, and a maxi dress and mum got hundreds! I will do a post showing what I got next! Then I just got some make-up bits and bobs!

We had lunch in Pret a manger, our favourite, chicken salad is amazing!

And now we're home im super tired, but super happy because my eye pallete has come :D. again, ill talk about that in another post!

please if you read my blog, follow it:) I will start doing monthly giveaways to gain more traffic, and they will be completley free to enter!

Thursday 28 July 2011

My day : TODAY

Today Is another lazy day, but lets be honest who doesn't love a good day at home and in the garden doing nothing , (well watching pretty little liars in my case) and eating grapes, (state the obvious ^^ )

 I got home finally from being in Halfords with my mum waiting for her bike to be fixed for over an hour we resulted in seeing who could skid the furthest across the floor. I love my mum, we get on so well like that and can be so childish and don't care what people think of us. My brother and his girlfriend have gone, back to Essex ready for their holiday and its her 21st on Saturday so we did her presents, I got her 'big beautiful eyes' and the 'bad gal' benefit eyeliner, my mum got her Cath Kidston matching make - up and wash bags, and the Naked Palette tiny bit jealous.

I've watched all the episodes that have been shown of Pretty Little Liars online, in about 2 weeks I've watched 44 of them, addicted?? I do love it, but 'A' who is it? its messing with my mind, and Ezra, he's gorgeous!

My mum was at the hairdressers the other day and told me she read the Marie Clairs August issue and in it was an article about this girl who is making £60k from her blog, so she was telling me I had to get it! I've read the article and its crazy, that amount of money and publicity from her blog, which is getting bigger everyday by having 90,000 hits a month! The blog is called its brilliant, it's made me more positive about mine, and determined to write on here alot more!

here's a picture of the article in the Magazine. oooh, also Marie Claire give £10 to spend online for which is CTMC10

Wednesday 27 July 2011

BreBeauty's Blog

So as you probably know, I love make-up and I'm always watching Tanya Burr's Make-up channel PIXI2WOO for new tutorials to copy. Yesterday I came across this great blog called .brebeauty She posts tutorials but in words, giving great description for each technique and where the product goes, and there's so many of them, : Jennifer Anniston, Lucy Hale (Aris Montgomery), Jennifer Lopez, Giada De Laurentiis, Nicki Minaj and so many more, so its so easy to get the exact look, she tells you what make-up you will need and all the precise details. As well as there being so many looks to copy there are posts which every girl would want to read, how to remove fake tan, how to look good in pictures, what foods to eat, giveaways, how to make your lipstick last and which one is best for you, there's so many! It is by far my favourite beauty blog.
I defiantly recommend you taking a look, its worth it!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

My New Foundation

Me and foundations, I change them all the time. I'm always wanting a new one, and when I want one, I really go out of my way to look for a cheaper one online and check it out on my skin properly before buying.
I really wanted the Nars Sheer Glow, in Punjab , it's quite pricey £29. I bought it, then took it back moments later because I didn't really want to spend that much when I wanted so many other things.
I really liked the new Illamasqua skin base and the YSM Foundation which is from Inglot. I eventually got that one. at only £11. I think its great, from the price being so low, I wasn't expecting it to be so brilliant.
I am shade #43 and its a perfect match it gives you such a flawless finish and glides on your skin so smoothly, even with the full coverage look its light on the skin and doesn't feel like your caked. Its also easily build-able. YSM. I'll put pictures up and do a swatch in my next post.

Sunday 24 July 2011

WOW. This has been crazy

Haven't written on here in about 9 years.... (slight sarcasm) I do have good reasons for it though...

T4 ON THE BEACH! it was the best thing I have ever been to, I loved it so so much. I went with my best friend Kenya, We stayed in a Marriott Hotel the night before which was beautiful, and did a bit of shopping in Bristol, then went out for dinner at Cafe Rouge. It was lovely! In the morning our excitement was crazy! I didn't wear what I was planning on in the end, as there was an Urban Outfitters (my favourite shop ever) Where I bought some bright blue Levi 501'S and a black sleeveless top which I had previously seen on imfancy's Blog and loved it! So strange to find it in urban outfitters when I had no idea where it was from! Back to T4, McFly were amazing, purely because I love Danny... and Far East Movement! they were by far my favourite 2! Don't know if any of you watched / went there, but Cher Lloyd, hmmm.... don't know what to think about her? I really cant decide!

I was so ill when I got home on sunday Night, My voice had gone, my throat was in a world of its own, and I had the worlds most biggest belly ache, ever! All I wanted to do the next day was sleep and watch Pretty Little Liars...I wasn't to upset I couldn't do that though, as on Monday I was going to Bobbi Brown to do work experience for a week! despite being so ridiculously ill and feeling horrible I was so exited to go! I had to wear all black which I wasnt use to! However, I did love it! I felt so smart! ha That week was amazing, Easily said the best week of work I have done! I enjoiyed it so much, I felt so honoured to work there!

That Friday evening, as soon as I had finished, Me and my Mum went down to Surrey to see our best friends, for till Wednesday! The mum's were going away till Monday and I had booked me and Chloe to go to the Mayfair Spa (which I felt I was in need for, still being so ill haha) We got the tube to Green Park on the monday, got to the spa where we felt out of place, from it being so posh and upper class! The guards at the door looked at us as if they were going to say 'need directions anywhere loves'? well it was gorgeous in there, Not only was it a great spa day, we met KELIS! (the singer - milkshake, bounce.. them songs) because when we told everyone they were like "who's Kelis?" That was mental! till wednesday me and her just did what we always do when together... laugh, eat, have fun, + shop. I love her to bits! ha, I stayed in London till saturday, where I came up with my cousins for my Brothers Leaving Party! which was last night! I can't believe he is going away for a year... in 17 days!  :(

so really since 2 weeks ago, I havn't really had a day to myself to blog, to relax, to sleep properly, or to catch up on pretty little liars!  ahaha! So thats exactly what I'm doing now, sitting here, writing this post, waiting for the episode to load!

Pictures from my last 2 crazy weeks

Thursday 7 July 2011

This Weekend!

I AM GOING TO T4 ON THE BEACH. I've wanted to go for this.... since it started, and now I am, seriously can not control my exitment!!!! this post isn't much at all, as you can probably tell... just thought I'd let my excitement out! oh, and in the picture, that's what I'm going to wear:) but with a different top!

A photo post....

I love each and everyone one of these pictures, shows everything I love, so inspirational <3 

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Meggymoos is doing Monthly Giveaways!! is doing fantastic giveaways, EVERY MONTH! 
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Suddenly, I'm a busy bee....

In 2 days my life will be uber busy! and I'm going to blog about it all!
Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I will be In Bristol with my bestfriend going to T4 on the beach! and shopping, wow, I'm so so exited! I will take so many photos, and write all about it! 

Monday = Friday, I will be doing my work experience at my fav make-up brand, Bobbi Brown! So I'll be telling you all about that, and the new techniques I will have been taught!

That weekend, (The 15th) I am going down to Surrey to see my all time best friend till Wednesday, and on the Monday we're going to the Mayfair Spa and having a lovely shopping day in London! I'm then on the Thursday going to my cousins, and going to spend a few days going out with him and seeing all his friends! I will have so much to write about! 

Then the weekend of the 23rd, Its my brothers leaving party, with all his/ours closest friends, He is going to Honduras for a YEAR! seriously going to miss him! so yet another big party, There will be many photos, and many words about it!!

so please follow me, to read and see about all these events of my crazy busy little life :) 


Tuesday 5 July 2011


001. The first one is first, because it is hands down the best one I have come across
this website allows anyone to access great deals, and ridiculously low vouchers for spa breaks, spa days, hair and beauty, fitness, health and pleasure. There is such a wide variety, and all you have to do is sign up, (which is absolutely free) and there you go! you can buy anything you want! you print an 'e-voucher' of at home, so there is no worry of it not appearing in the post! If you follow me on Twitter  you will have seen I bought one for me and my friend to go to a spa in Mayfair, London  for the day! To use all their facilities! which was only £30, that was it being 2 for 1, so really £15 each, and we're talking a top London spa! They show you other offers from the same venue! For £60 we could have got use of their facilities and a body cleansing rejuvenating treatment! We opted for the cheaper one! So defiantly go and check this website out, it's SO good, and I'm so glad I came across it!

002. I was searching the internet for shoes, (I am always internet shopping) and came across this website : you can get top brand's shoes, such as 'Jimmy Choo' 'Kurt Geiger' 'Guess' 'Juicy Couture' and many more at incredibly low prices, from as low as £19 !!!! bargain? yes, I think so!

Monday 4 July 2011

Today is monday.

Could I just say if you like to read my Blog and see new posts, please follow me!  Its very simple, and doesn't take any time :) 

001. sports day today, which normally is a buzz for me, but I was only doing high jump, which I came last! #rubbishathighjump. ha! I use to be relatively good, but oh no, not anymore! 

002. I love this weather, came home today and noticed how burnt I had got from being outside all day. My legs have this sudden burnt line from where my skirt was, as do my arms, And my face! well that's another story! 

003. Next week! I cant wait! Bobbi brown work experience HERE I COME. Bobbi Brown is my favorite make-up brand, pretty much most of make up bag us full of it! :S I feel so privileged to have this opportunity.

004. My body, Okay I've just come out from being ill with an eating disorder, but I'm starting to get use to my body! I like it, although my legs, the tops of them, I have times when i don't like them! 

005. school, only till Friday left, things can only get better.

006. I've booked for me and my best friend to go to the 'Mayfair' spa in London in 2 weeks time, Hyde park, then for a spa, then for a bit of good ol' Oxford St. shopping! To be honest, that sounds to me like the most perfect day! I'm so exited!

007. Me and my friend Paris where having lovely chats today, sitting in the sun laying on the grass! And we were talking about our blogs, (I never knew she wrote one) but it's really good! I love it! and really hopes she gains confidence from it :) 

008. I am going to get alot more motivated in the summer, writing on here ALLOT more, and doing SO many Youtube make-up tutorials, and vlogs! I will have lots to write about, and share with you lovely's, so yes that's a plan! :)

009. I went to a garden party on Saturday and got so ridiculously drunk on champers, my glass was never empty! It was such a good night, and so so funny! I loved every minute... of what I can remember... oops! (some photos at the bottom)

010. I went on the most loveliest bike ride with my mum on Thursday, when i decided not to go to school, purely because there isn't any point, it was SO sunny, and I was playing in the lake with my gorgeous poodle (Dino) 


                                                        My Beaut jumping for water.. weirdo!
                                                 Me and My Brothers gorgeous girlfriend Chloe

                                                                           Me and George
                                                       That chair was going to go any minute....
                                              Me and my mum, too much drink? course not..

                                                                     Party photos :
top - topshop £25
shorts - topshop £26
          shoes - newlook £16 (last year)
            cardigan - topshop £32 (last year) 
bag        - primark £7


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