Thursday 25 August 2011

My reveiw for the Ojon Hair products!

So I did a post a few weeks ago saying I had just got the Ojon hydratting conditioner and shampoo, the hydration spray and their damage reverse restoratie hair treatment as my hair was dead and so damaged (I think from the amount of bleach in it) I've been using the treatment paste once a week on my whole head, then every other night on my fringe and ends it has really made a difference, the frizz is still there but not as nearly as bad as it use to be, my hair looks and feels so much softer, It's a great product but wow... It stinks!

Aswell as using the Ojon conditioner I've also been using the redken extreme conditioner (it smells amazing) I got it HERE for a great price! and those three working together have made my hair grow slightly (surprisingly) and it has made it so much softer! again, the dryness and frizz has gone down a lot!

The spray, has been my saviour! it is the best conditioning / hydrating spray I have come across, just spritz it on dry hair and leave it in, It immediately adds softness!

My mum ordered me the ojon products of qvc, with 2 tubs of the treatment, and the shampoo,conditioner and spray are 250ml. I don't know what she payed for them, but it was worth it! my hair feels and looks so much nicer.... thanks mum:)
ALSO !!! I'm getting my hair done on the weekend, going back to nearer my natural colour, but darker! I'm asking for a caramel all over colour with darker bits throughout it, and I want a 'lob' (long bob) I lvoe fearne Cottons hair length! If any of you have seen any celebrities with lovely lobs, could you post a comment with the link? I really need some inspiraiton pictures :) 

Thankyou for reading! xxxx

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