Sunday 11 September 2011

Ojon vs Aveda

Everyone who reads my blog, knows that my hair is in major repair mode as it is so damaged. 

so I've got - Aveda damage remedy leave in conditioner
and - Ojon Revitalizing Moisture Mist

You put the Aveda treatment on towel dried hair it says it is instantly repairs and helps protect hair from heat styling.  It detangles to protect from breakage and further damage, creating a healthier foundation to make styling easier.

You spray this on your hair before you blow dry it it says : This lightweight, liquid hairdresser with the hair-repairing power of pure Ojon™ oil, nature’s golden elixir, Blue Agave, Lemongrass and Ginseng instantly revitalizes, re-hydrates and takes out the tangles. Tames frizzy fly-away hair.

after using both for a good 2 weeks now at the same time, I prefer the Aveda leave i treatment. It leaves your hair feeling silky soft, and reduces frizz. I smother the ends of my hair in it expecting it to be heavy and make my hair appear greasy but no, It is so lightweight and wont look or feel heavy, all the ingredients are completely natural (when they are out of stock they have to wait for the plants to grow) 
Don't get me wrong the Ojon mist is great but just doesn't have that much effect on my hair, I have always preferred using a cream rather than spray as I feel it moisturizes your hair allot more.

Price wise: 
Aveda leave in treatment : £18.50 (100ml)
Ojon Revitalizing Moisture Mist :  £20 (175ml) 
So you do get more for your money with the spray, but you use allot more of it in one go, the cream only needs a small pea size amount all over your hair! 

Both are fantastic, but I would go for the Aveda leave in treatment.

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