Friday 25 March 2011

General rant!

1.  So recently as I'm SURE your all aware, the weather has been so so nice, its felt like summer! the smell of freshness in the morning and not frostiness is gorgeous, and being able to go out without wrapping up in tuns of layers, and looking just bulky is brilliant! also, with the weather being warmer, I'm always in a better mood, i hope it stays this way, and doesn't rain, but then again I'm going away to Thailand next Monday for 2 weeks, so I wont be complaining!!!!! very very exiting. We've never been away somewhere like this as a family, but our cousins have and they've said so so much about it, so if any of you have been there and know some good places to go, comments would be much appreciated!

2. Topshop, well they've just started a 'flash sale' and the prices are brilliant! defiantly go on there website or to one of the stores because really don't want to miss out on this, i want some of the boxed blouse's just because they look so simple but yet so pretty on, and would be great to just chuck on, on holiday!

3. ill. eurgh. I've had the worst headache/soar throat/ aches and pains recently oh and a blocked up nose, its horrible and I cant seem to shift it!, taking about 900 medicines a day and sleeping hours on end, i just hope it goes before next Monday

4. last week for me and my family was horrible. we had a loss of one of our family members, and I had recently been to the doctors myself and heard some bad news, so all of us haven't been in the lightest of moods, but we are coping, and today its my dad's 50th, so we're doing something nice later, and knowing that we're going away in 10 days is just perfect, gives us the right amount of time to cope with everything that's happened.

I' keep meaning to do more blogging and YouTube vids' but I just never know what to do them on, So many people are great at blogging and doing videos', clearly a skill which I don't have! ha, so I'm determined to do more, IN FACT... for lent as i didn't give up anything, I'm going to give up not doing blogs? so that means i have to blog more , I think.
but anyway that's my little rant,
more soon.... promise!


Friday 4 March 2011

LIPSTICKS.... which to choose?

Bright lips tend to be in for this season and I'm not complaining in the slightest,

My favourite at the moment is easily the YSL rouge pur couture the colour well its just a-m-aaazing! so bright and just brings so much attention to your lips, its quite pricey £22.50, but Debenhams have got 20% off all beauty products! so its a bit cheaper, I keep 
debating whether 
to buy it or not, seeing as the Mac ones are £12.50 and I do also love their Girl about Town 
so its a tricky choice, 
the packaging is defiantly more beautiful on the YSL one, and just looks that little bit more
To be Honest
I love all the YSL spring look 11' products, all the bright pinks are beautiful, and with debenhams
doing a offer, 
I think i may go for that one, I'll let you know which one I decide on!! 
                                                                    Mac 'Girl about town'
                                                         YSL Rouge Pur Couture - Le Fuchsia 27

Thursday 3 March 2011


Had such a brilliant day, as you would probably know if you follow me on twitter. I went to London with my mum for some good old retail therapy! and it was just such a funny day.
WELL... started out pretty frantic, we were catching the train at what we thought was 08:57, but half way to the station we realised the train was 08:47 and we were stuck in traffic, OH GOD, by this time is was about 08:40 panic panic panic!!! we got to the station as the train was arriving, had to find some money to put into car park machine, run across to the other side of the platform and i was shouting "come on mum" literally the most craziest   time to get on a train...ever! but we managed it, after pleading the guy at the door to hold it for only 2 more seconds till mum got on! Then the coffee machine was out of order, so no cappuccino for us! We did finally have a nice table seat and drinks though, so turned out absolutely fine!  We went to westfield first, and had lunch there at YO Sushi! which was possibly the funniest lunch we've had ever, just the whole idea and atmosphere of it, the little bows going round on a conveyor belt and picking just what you think looks nice, then ending up with about 900 bowls at the end!! HA. we then went to Oxford street, and walked our way down from Marble Arch, spending lots of money!!! woo. stopped for a coffee and a cookie in our fav, pret! and more shopping! At about 7pm, we met up with my dad for dinner, in old spitalfields market, \and went to las-iguanas which is a gorgeous Latin restaurant, we had tapas and yummy cocktails!! We finally got home around 11, so so knackered! but defiantly had the best day in a long long time, cant wait to go again with my mum! 
  The pictures below are all what I bought and little snaps I took throughout the day!

                                                          my lovely mummma! in Yo Sushi!
                                      yeah, my cheeks look really huge here, see, had so many bowls!
                                                           so 11 dishes between us, average! ha
                                                             possibly the best cocktails!

                                                  my mum and dad, looking wonderfull as ever

There's only some of the pictures I took during the day, the rest I will add soon, promise!!!!

megan:) xxx