Sunday 11 September 2011

Ojon vs Aveda

Everyone who reads my blog, knows that my hair is in major repair mode as it is so damaged. 

so I've got - Aveda damage remedy leave in conditioner
and - Ojon Revitalizing Moisture Mist

You put the Aveda treatment on towel dried hair it says it is instantly repairs and helps protect hair from heat styling.  It detangles to protect from breakage and further damage, creating a healthier foundation to make styling easier.

You spray this on your hair before you blow dry it it says : This lightweight, liquid hairdresser with the hair-repairing power of pure Ojon™ oil, nature’s golden elixir, Blue Agave, Lemongrass and Ginseng instantly revitalizes, re-hydrates and takes out the tangles. Tames frizzy fly-away hair.

after using both for a good 2 weeks now at the same time, I prefer the Aveda leave i treatment. It leaves your hair feeling silky soft, and reduces frizz. I smother the ends of my hair in it expecting it to be heavy and make my hair appear greasy but no, It is so lightweight and wont look or feel heavy, all the ingredients are completely natural (when they are out of stock they have to wait for the plants to grow) 
Don't get me wrong the Ojon mist is great but just doesn't have that much effect on my hair, I have always preferred using a cream rather than spray as I feel it moisturizes your hair allot more.

Price wise: 
Aveda leave in treatment : £18.50 (100ml)
Ojon Revitalizing Moisture Mist :  £20 (175ml) 
So you do get more for your money with the spray, but you use allot more of it in one go, the cream only needs a small pea size amount all over your hair! 

Both are fantastic, but I would go for the Aveda leave in treatment.

Saturday 10 September 2011

My birthday treat!

For my birthday - which is on Wednesday! so so exited (like I've mentioned in my blog posts recently) turning 16 makes me feel allot older than 15! My mum took me to London for a few days, to go to a spa (Chelsea Day Spa) and out for dinner, hotel and birthday shopping! absolute bliss! It was the best 2 days ever I really enjoyed it and bought some lovely things with some GREAT bargains!

We got the train down and met up with my cousin and her partner (It was her birthday on the 7th) for lunch in Belgo's (Covent Garden) that was lovely, then on to the spa in Kings Road, it was so beautiful in there the layout was so calming - I had a back, foot and arm scrub and massage, mum was meant to have the same but they got our bookings muddled up and couldn't fit her in, so they gave her a manicure and pedicure complimentary, so we've still got the other massage appointment to use!

we met up with my dad for dinner in the Hard Rock cafe, We have never been before and for those of you who are reading this have been there will surely agree with me when I say it is by far the best restaurant, the atmosphere, music, food everything! I ordered a Salad which was ginormous, mum and dad had there signature classic burger! Then... after my dad had told the waitress it was my birthday - I was on edge of what they were going to do as a woman in the corner was celebrating her 50th and had everyone sing for her!  Let me tell you, mine was 10X worse! we were on a higher table near the window, I got told to stand up on my chair, and listen to everyone sing to me, after the waitress had shouted out "everyone this is Megan- it's her birthday, all sing"!! and then blow out a candle on an ice cream sundae! funny but so so embarrassing!

We stayed in a hotel in Chelsea, which was gorgeous, then the next day, me and mum shopped! Firstly in Old Spitalfields Market, where I found 2 great bargains. Yet another pair of Levi 501's in a dark grungy grey for £10!, the man had a whole rail of them, and a really cute vintage brown leather bag! for £10.
we then went to Oxford St, I got a gorgeous oversized jumper from Forever 21 only £16!! and then I found so much in Topshop, which mum got for me (ready for my birthday) Truly spoiled! :') So I cant say what I got in there as I'm not meant to know / remember! haha!
Then from  h&m I got 2 sheer blouses which I have been after for , for ages now! One was £10 and the other £15 again, absolute bargain! From Urban Outfitters I bought a over sized tank top - which I can't find on the website! for £10.

After a long day shopping and a very relaxing day spa-ing we got the train home at 8, and fell asleep.
Those two days we're perfect, so ideal for my birthday! Thank you mum and dad! xxxxx

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Lets play dress up!

So, on the weekend I went down to see my best friend who I do a Youtube channel with, and also who I write another Blog with, to go to one of her friends character dress up party's.

Lucky enough for me though my cousin who is now just about to turn 24, came up with the idea of me going as cat woman, immediately I said "yes, that's brilliant" rushed of to h&m to find some leggings, (preferably leather) but found in the kids section (yes, I can still fit into kids clothes and I'm 16 next week... embarrassing) some black leggings with sparkles scattered down them, Ill add some photos for you to see properly, and the plus side - they were only £3!!! 

I then dug around in my wardrobe to find a lace body from topshop, perfect, and then bought myself some sparkly cat ears from the party shop and got my black heels ready! 

I did my makeup like THIS you can copy it if you like :). 
Chloe went as the elastic from incredible's  - she looked amazing, and came up with the idea herself.. hmpph!!

mine and hers favourite part of a party is by FAR the getting ready, well and your there with some drinks in you so it's fun fun fun! But getting ready was brilliant, dressing up, spending ages on make-up and hair, we always go all out!

Here's a few photos from the night!

Wednesday 31 August 2011


Finally, A new OOTD like I promised :) This one is quite plain, but simple. I wore my leather jacket from topshop with it, £50

          Top : Zara (£6.99) I think
Jenas : Jamie Topshop (moto) £40

 Yes... I was trying to jump on self timer! 
 Did manage it though!
Necklace : Tiffany&Co 

Comment on my hair? whats your opinion? prefer me blonde or Brunette, I can't decide /: 

Just quick,easy and not to much effort into this outfit as I was only going out for a few hours! :D 

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Just a Rant

I am SO SO SO exited! It's my birthday in 15 days, and as I will be turning 16 I can get a job, some people when they turn 16 think.. eurgh cant be bothered! But I personally cannot wait, purely because I want to get into the make up industry as quickly and as soon as possible! It would be the most amazing thing to work on a high end make up counter at 16! So I've applied for Benefit and Laura Mercier I haven't seen any more vacancies available yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.

OOTD'S : SO sorry I haven't been doing these, I've just been working on my other Blog and doing Youtube videos so Im trying to even out the balance of each blog!.

Free Giveaway : 'theothersideofcool' won last months I posted it out to her and really hope shes enjoying wearing it!

WEATHER : Is it me, or does anyone else feel summer is completely over? This weather feels like winter and It's really depressing me, I'm actually afraid of winter! I hate the cold so much and It puts my mood in such a horrible low.

Birthday: It's so soooon!! Only 15 days, I am so exited! The plan for my birthday is : Me and mum are going down to London by train, getting treatments done in the Chelsea Day spa, followed by some lunch and shopping on Kings Road were then staying at a hotel nearby with my dad who will take us out for dinner! muhaha! Then the next day me and mum are doing what we do best... shopping! :D

Monday 29 August 2011

My hair....

Well My hair up until yesterday was bleach blonde. I loved it so much, but it had been like that for ages and was in the most worst condition! So My hairdresser Sophie Who is brilliant dyed it for me, I was hoping for a dark natural blonde with dark bits in it, and so was she...

Anyway, as my hair was so porous it grabbed all the dark dye and now im a dark brown / reddy colour. Never what I or Sophie imagined, and it isn't her fault in the slightest but I really cant stay with dark hair! It's not me! So on she's said she wills sort it out for me on Friday, Sophie is the only hairdresser I trust, she's my cousins girlfriend and she's cut it perfectly. I love the style and shape, unfortunately not the colour, but I've only got until Friday to wait for that! I was thinking more so Lauren Conrad Colour / Cheryl Cole's new colour, ended up being more cheryl Cole's old colour (Not so red)

But at least its a change!  haha xxx

Thursday 25 August 2011

My reveiw for the Ojon Hair products!

So I did a post a few weeks ago saying I had just got the Ojon hydratting conditioner and shampoo, the hydration spray and their damage reverse restoratie hair treatment as my hair was dead and so damaged (I think from the amount of bleach in it) I've been using the treatment paste once a week on my whole head, then every other night on my fringe and ends it has really made a difference, the frizz is still there but not as nearly as bad as it use to be, my hair looks and feels so much softer, It's a great product but wow... It stinks!

Aswell as using the Ojon conditioner I've also been using the redken extreme conditioner (it smells amazing) I got it HERE for a great price! and those three working together have made my hair grow slightly (surprisingly) and it has made it so much softer! again, the dryness and frizz has gone down a lot!

The spray, has been my saviour! it is the best conditioning / hydrating spray I have come across, just spritz it on dry hair and leave it in, It immediately adds softness!

My mum ordered me the ojon products of qvc, with 2 tubs of the treatment, and the shampoo,conditioner and spray are 250ml. I don't know what she payed for them, but it was worth it! my hair feels and looks so much nicer.... thanks mum:)
ALSO !!! I'm getting my hair done on the weekend, going back to nearer my natural colour, but darker! I'm asking for a caramel all over colour with darker bits throughout it, and I want a 'lob' (long bob) I lvoe fearne Cottons hair length! If any of you have seen any celebrities with lovely lobs, could you post a comment with the link? I really need some inspiraiton pictures :) 

Thankyou for reading! xxxx

Monday 22 August 2011

OOTD #??

Sorry I haven't dont a OOTD post for ages now, But I'm getting back into it!
top - urban outfitters (sale) £13.
Skirt - Topshop (2 years old) £26

Thankyou for reading my blog, have you seen mine and my friends other Blog

 we also have a Youtube channel

Sunday 21 August 2011

A new era

If you read my blog which all you lovely followers do, you would know I have a huge passion for make-up and have always wanted to create a you tube channel doing tutorials and tips! funnily enough my best friend has to, we were talking today and decided to make that happen!
 so we've now got A youtube Channel (please subscribe for tips, tutorials, vlogs, hauls and many more) 
 A blog follow for, tutorials, tips, our lives, ootd's, and much more and a 
 a twitter account (please follow) we will keep you updated with our blog posts, and you tube videos 24/7

Of course I wont be neglecting this blog as it's whats made me motivated to get here! I love posting on here all the time, which by the way I am sorry about not doing so frequently recently especially my ootd's which I got into doing everyday! I've been away and haven't had great access to the internet, I will get back to it soon! I promise.

So please follow cm2makeup whereever you see it  It would mean so much to us... thankyou!!:) 

Saturday 13 August 2011

This is a beautiful place

Im in Switzerland at the moment, staying with my best friend at her Chalet, and it is so beautiful! the veiw from their house is amazing! they live right in the mountains!

So far we've sunbathed, been to the hot baths, went down to the town and done a little more sunbathing! And me, being silly me is already burnt! above my bikini top its pure red, ouch!

We are coming home on wednesday! its gone so fast, tommorow we're going to 'Parc Adventure' which is similar to 'Go Ape' execpt ALOT higher, and I'm petridifed of heights, when we went there last year I couldn't even do it I was so scared! haha
anyway, just wanted to update you on my life!

My blog giveaway is ending in about a week, so if you haven't entered! please do, its about 3 posts below! xxxx

Thursday 11 August 2011

Short But Sweet

So Yesterday was a emotional but exiting day for me and my family! My brother was leaving to go to Honduras for a year! we had to get up at 4:30am to take him to Heathrow where we met the guy Tom was staying with (who was lovely, and got on really well with Tom) we had coffee and talked about what they will be doing (teaching english to the spanish students) when he went, ofcourse tears were rolling down all our eyes, but managed to keep it together! I will miss him so so much, infact I already do! everytime I think about it, I get a bit teary! After he jet setted of.. Me and Mum had to get to Gatwick to fly out to Switzerland! We're now here, and its gorgous! SO so hot! hello sunbathing....

Sunday 7 August 2011

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

Today has been a lovely day! I went to Paris' as she wanted to gain confidence with her photography and asked me if I would be happy her taking some of me, I said yes to help her, and she took some amazing photos! She has such a skill and talent with photography, give her a camera and BOOOM. There brilliant! I was surprised at how my face worked relatively well with her camera! ha I suppose its because it was the best of the best! She then Let me do her make-up and take photos of it, I dont know if you know but make up is my passion! I'm hopefully going to go to the West Thames College In London and do a make up course of theirs and carry it on with being a freelance make up artist, I am always doing different looks and practicing on friends, so when I get them photos I will put them up and show you!

These are some of the Photos Paris took today!

    My input ^^ haha! 

She truly is an amazing photographer, and people may think I am saying that because shes a best friend of mine, but honestly I really believe she will go along way with it! xxxx

Saturday 6 August 2011


I bought this top from h&m the otherday and when I went to do my photos for Scarlett tried it on with the shorts, loved the two colours together, so I just thought I'd wear it out today, despite it being cold!

Top : H&M £3.99
Shorts : Topshop £26
Belt : Primark £1
Shoes : Toms £33

First Free Giveaway

This is my first free giveaway, to say thanks to my followers! 
 If it's successful I will do them every Month!

This Giveaway is a long vintage style necklace (Which I love) it's so pretty!
I bought this to giveaway as I think it would suit most styles and thought you would appreciate some jewellery! I bought it here a while ago!

The rules for this giveaway: 
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Good Luck :) 

Friday 5 August 2011

My Guest Post On Scarlett's Blog

So, when I got this email from Scarlett asking me to do a :guest blog post for her I was thrilled, I felt so honored to be asked to do so, and felt I had achieved something through my blog, as Scarlett has a very successful BLOG (link to it <- there) and has around 3,500 viewers a day I was more than happy to do it for her! She asked me to write 200-300 words on my own style, and where I shop, mainly fashion/beauty related and take photos of some of my favourite outfits! 

I only emailed it to her about 30 minutes before she put it up, with a fantastic layout! Its brilliant, and I would be more than happy to do it for her again, 
thank you Scarlett for asking me:)
 The link to my guest post on her blog is here



FRIDAY : dress : H&M - £12.99 (bargain) it is so comfortable, and light
                  belt : vintage 
                  I did actually wears shoes by the way! Cream pumps from Urban Outfitters - £10.00 

What Make-up I want for my Birthday!

         Laura Mercier : Second Skin Cheek Colour (or a Illamasqua one, they have a sale on by the way)

Urban Decay : Naked Palette                    

Real Techniques Core Collection : Brush Set

Nars Bronzer : Laguna

Avon : Super shock Eyeliner     

Mac : Studio Sculpt Concealer

I think that's it for the moment, No doubt I'll be asking for different things when It comes!        

Lets Go!

Next week, I'm going to Switzerland to see my best friend who has a Chalet out there, It truly is one of the most prettiest Countries I have been to, especially where she is, with all the mountains and the views, and the rock pools with natural water, yes they are amazing! So me and my mum are flying out there (Chloe's mum and mine are best friends too) so just the 4 of us, it will be lovely!

The same day we fly out my brother goes of to Honduras for a year! I can't seem to realize right now how long a year is! that's crazy, and as we get on so well it will be horrible, as well as that my oldest brother and his girlfriend are moving back to Essex when we are away, so all of a sudden it will just be me, my mum and our dogs at home.. (and my dad, but he works in London) That is such a weird thought!

So I may not be able to blog for about a week or so, as Chloe is coming back to stay with me, I may not get the chance! I will try though!

Sorry that wasn't a very exiting post, but I just wanted to let you know whats going on :)

Thursday 4 August 2011

John Freida : Go Blonder Spray

About 2 months ago, I bought this and used it about 2 - 3 times a week (I think that's more than recommended) 

It defiantly does what it says on the bottle, and does lighten your hair - rapidly. The effects were great, and got rid of my roots in an instant! Its cheap, so affordable for everyone...
I can well and truly say, it killed my hair! My hair is now in the worst condition it has ever been! It feels like 
straw, and just doesn't have a nice look about it, I suppose it was obvious that was going to happen, as I was spraying bleach on my hair, a few times A week! But it has left my hair looking and feeling awful!
I suppose its good for very little use, say once every 3 weeks or something, as it wouldn't have much effect, if You looked after your hair well!

My hair however is getting back on the mend, quickly! I recently got 'Ojon' dry recovery shampoo + conditioner, the hydrating spray and two of their Restorative hair treatment  tubs, It is a paste, which turns into an oil when you apply it. That hasn't arrived yet, but the shampoo, conditioner and moisture mist has, I've only used them once (I've actually got the conditioner on as I'm writing this)  so I havn't had chance to do a reveiw, I will do after I get the result! (you cant buy them on the ojon website yet, but QVC frequently advertise it)

Wednesday 3 August 2011


Top : Topshop £16
Shorts : Topshop £26.
Cringe pose, I know... but it had to be done!

 I'm really sorry about it being such a boring outfit, but hey at least it is an outfit, I did promise I would do one everyday! :D It was terribly hot today, (again, before the rain etc) and from my awful burns yesterday, I didn't feel up to dressing nicely... sorrry!!