Wednesday 31 August 2011

Just a Rant

I am SO SO SO exited! It's my birthday in 15 days, and as I will be turning 16 I can get a job, some people when they turn 16 think.. eurgh cant be bothered! But I personally cannot wait, purely because I want to get into the make up industry as quickly and as soon as possible! It would be the most amazing thing to work on a high end make up counter at 16! So I've applied for Benefit and Laura Mercier I haven't seen any more vacancies available yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.

OOTD'S : SO sorry I haven't been doing these, I've just been working on my other Blog and doing Youtube videos so Im trying to even out the balance of each blog!.

Free Giveaway : 'theothersideofcool' won last months I posted it out to her and really hope shes enjoying wearing it!

WEATHER : Is it me, or does anyone else feel summer is completely over? This weather feels like winter and It's really depressing me, I'm actually afraid of winter! I hate the cold so much and It puts my mood in such a horrible low.

Birthday: It's so soooon!! Only 15 days, I am so exited! The plan for my birthday is : Me and mum are going down to London by train, getting treatments done in the Chelsea Day spa, followed by some lunch and shopping on Kings Road were then staying at a hotel nearby with my dad who will take us out for dinner! muhaha! Then the next day me and mum are doing what we do best... shopping! :D

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