Tuesday 6 September 2011

Lets play dress up!

So, on the weekend I went down to see my best friend who I do a Youtube channel with, and also who I write another Blog with, to go to one of her friends character dress up party's.

Lucky enough for me though my cousin who is now just about to turn 24, came up with the idea of me going as cat woman, immediately I said "yes, that's brilliant" rushed of to h&m to find some leggings, (preferably leather) but found in the kids section (yes, I can still fit into kids clothes and I'm 16 next week... embarrassing) some black leggings with sparkles scattered down them, Ill add some photos for you to see properly, and the plus side - they were only £3!!! 

I then dug around in my wardrobe to find a lace body from topshop, perfect, and then bought myself some sparkly cat ears from the party shop and got my black heels ready! 

I did my makeup like THIS you can copy it if you like :). 
Chloe went as the elastic from incredible's  - she looked amazing, and came up with the idea herself.. hmpph!!

mine and hers favourite part of a party is by FAR the getting ready, well and your there with some drinks in you so it's fun fun fun! But getting ready was brilliant, dressing up, spending ages on make-up and hair, we always go all out!

Here's a few photos from the night!

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