Saturday 10 September 2011

My birthday treat!

For my birthday - which is on Wednesday! so so exited (like I've mentioned in my blog posts recently) turning 16 makes me feel allot older than 15! My mum took me to London for a few days, to go to a spa (Chelsea Day Spa) and out for dinner, hotel and birthday shopping! absolute bliss! It was the best 2 days ever I really enjoyed it and bought some lovely things with some GREAT bargains!

We got the train down and met up with my cousin and her partner (It was her birthday on the 7th) for lunch in Belgo's (Covent Garden) that was lovely, then on to the spa in Kings Road, it was so beautiful in there the layout was so calming - I had a back, foot and arm scrub and massage, mum was meant to have the same but they got our bookings muddled up and couldn't fit her in, so they gave her a manicure and pedicure complimentary, so we've still got the other massage appointment to use!

we met up with my dad for dinner in the Hard Rock cafe, We have never been before and for those of you who are reading this have been there will surely agree with me when I say it is by far the best restaurant, the atmosphere, music, food everything! I ordered a Salad which was ginormous, mum and dad had there signature classic burger! Then... after my dad had told the waitress it was my birthday - I was on edge of what they were going to do as a woman in the corner was celebrating her 50th and had everyone sing for her!  Let me tell you, mine was 10X worse! we were on a higher table near the window, I got told to stand up on my chair, and listen to everyone sing to me, after the waitress had shouted out "everyone this is Megan- it's her birthday, all sing"!! and then blow out a candle on an ice cream sundae! funny but so so embarrassing!

We stayed in a hotel in Chelsea, which was gorgeous, then the next day, me and mum shopped! Firstly in Old Spitalfields Market, where I found 2 great bargains. Yet another pair of Levi 501's in a dark grungy grey for £10!, the man had a whole rail of them, and a really cute vintage brown leather bag! for £10.
we then went to Oxford St, I got a gorgeous oversized jumper from Forever 21 only £16!! and then I found so much in Topshop, which mum got for me (ready for my birthday) Truly spoiled! :') So I cant say what I got in there as I'm not meant to know / remember! haha!
Then from  h&m I got 2 sheer blouses which I have been after for , for ages now! One was £10 and the other £15 again, absolute bargain! From Urban Outfitters I bought a over sized tank top - which I can't find on the website! for £10.

After a long day shopping and a very relaxing day spa-ing we got the train home at 8, and fell asleep.
Those two days we're perfect, so ideal for my birthday! Thank you mum and dad! xxxxx

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