Thursday 23 June 2011

sales, everywhere.

asos, h&m, Miss Selfridge and Topshop all have amazing sales on but i have no money, i just thought i'd let you know about how great they are.
the asos one, i did actually order some things of, (for my work experience, which I'm SO exited for) i have to wear all black, and i have hardly any black clothes, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to invest!
(with mums money) ha!
h&m, ooh i ordered a lovely long leopard print maxi dress from there + i got 30% of because it was my first order!!  BONUS! it was originally £12.99, i got it for £6.50, bargain! but when it came i had ordered the 8. so it was way to long, and a bit too baggy! so i thought now the Topshop sale has started i might as well return the h&m dress, and use the money from it for something in topshop as I'm always drawling after their clothes! me and my brothers girlfriend are going to go on a lovely shopping spree on Saturday, (what we do best) to spend spend spend... no money. although I have been selling things on eBay, old Abercrombie clothes which like a typical 12 year old, i use to be obsessed with. not anymore! so really this how post has been about me wanting to buy SO much for summer, but really should be saving... for Bristol and T4 on the beach. which i will do a post about including everything else that is going on in my life:)
but look at those shops sales. they are worth it!.

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